Through the medium of a tag cloud – Wordle

A few people have recently pointed me at Wordle, a new tool created by Jonathan Feinberg. Jonathan is a researcher at IBM who brought the world some cool tools like Dogear.

The above tag cloud was generated from my tags and seems to sum up quite a lot of what I talk about here on my blog 🙂 Click through the image to see Wordle dynamically build a new cloud.

An interesting comparison – now look at the cloud generated by my CV… it’s fairly different.

Ian, Nick and Roo all beat me to the post, but I think it is interesting to see what people are doing with Wordle! I think this is going to be hugely useful for presentations etc., too.

13 thoughts on “Through the medium of a tag cloud – Wordle”

  1. Well, “useful for presentations” until next year, when everyone’s doing it and it’s as tasteful as slapping MS Office clipart all over your slides 🙂

  2. Pete, that’s true. I saw at least one Wordle in a presentation at Interesting 2008 this past weekend, so it has already started.

  3. Wordle has me fascinated. It’s gorgeous, for one thing, but I think it may have some interesting applications we’ve yet to explore.

    For instance, bloggers who believe they understand their own niche might very well be surprised to discover what Wordle thinks their blog is truly about. That kind of retro-interpretive use could definitely help visual-based thinkers hone entries, for instance, to ensure they’re emphasizing the point they intended to.

  4. Kate, that’s a great idea. I guess it would be hard to feed it the entire content of a blog… although people have done it with the Bible and Shakespeare, so from a quantity perspective probably not a problem, just a question of scraping off all the entries.

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