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Well here’s an interesting experience. As I’ve twittered and mentioned on Dogear Nation, I recently got an iPhone 3g… and now there’s a WordPress application for it. And I’m typing this entry on it. I can’t say it is as usable as the web interface on a laptop but that’s largely a statement about the keyboard… actually the app itself is really nice. Progress! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mobile blogging”

  1. except it seems to ignore permissions on which usernames can public and who needs reviewing.. as i found out to my cost this morning!!!

  2. I too am leaving a comment via iPhone. It should be a requirement of this post. Glad you found a Word Press app. I was really impressed with the Moveble Type plugin I found for my blog. It just changes the CSS to a page optimized for the iPhone when I visit it on there. I think I’ll appreciate keeping apps minimal on my phone as I’ve noticed quite a few hangups on here lately (at least 3 times now writing this comment.)

    I would really like to see a Tumblr app. I think I would like using that more for mobile blogging.

  3. Hey Andy, have you tried Jott. That is another way to do mobile blogging (assuming you get Jott in the UK).

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