Office space

Although the new job officially starts next week, I now have a place to sit and I’m starting to get involved with activities for my new team. Kinda cool since I’ve not had a “regular” office for a while…

(taken with iPhone, edited with Photogene – thus the border which would be cooler if it had transparent edges, posted with WordPress app)

4 responses to “Office space

  1. Cool… you share with Mr. Gibbs!

    Tell him I said hi 🙂

    (And sorry I couldn’t extricate myself from a conversation with my lighter-coloured namesake and customer over lunch…)


  2. Wow, name on door = moving up in the world! 🙂


  3. Well there’s a coincidence – Andy Gibbs was involved in the Process Server Bootcamp I attended in Munich in 2005 right after joining Zystems 😀 Pretty sure that he doesn’t remember me (we’ve never met) but he did encourage us to blog about the education:


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