W2E Berlin sound and vision


I’ve posted photos from the Web 2.0 Expo in two sets on Flickr.

Images from the Expo itself:

BackchannelTim O'ReillySpiralMinassian on Social Software

Images from team events, and round and about the city:

bcc Berliner Congress CentreReichstagScary J-FFaces on the Berlin Wall

I’ve made all of the images Creative Commons Attribution-ND.

A note on conference photography. I decided to travel light as I was only going for a few days, so I only packed my compact digital camera instead of the DSLR. I also decided to take my Eye-Fi card, reasoning that I’d be able to hook up to the conference wifi and just get the images straight up onto Flickr.

When I first arrived at the Expo, I found I couldn’t configure the card to connect to the network. On day two, it finally did connect, so it was obviously just an issue with the wifi. Unfortunately this continued… so the card would sporadically connect, but not always finish uploading an image. As a result the images are out-of-order in my main Flickr stream (partially fixed by having the sets sorted into chronological order). As a note to myself, I might well reduce the image size in future, since I was shooting at full size and the images were ~2-3Mb which didn’t upload fast.

I was also then faced with the issue of editing and tagging. Flickr offers Picnick integration which is OK… but the range of enhancement options is far more limited than I’m used to in Lightroom, so what with the low light and often wanting to avoid distracting presenters with flash, the photos are hardly my best efforts. Tagging also seemed to take a long time, although I have opened the images for tagging by any Flickr member, so other people can help out there… I already started to trawl for other images from the conference, and note that many of them have restricted permissions preventing me from adding tags or notes 🙁


When I got back to the UK on Friday I joined the Dogear Nation regulars for a chat about the event and all the latest web news. Episode 73 has just been posted, so check it out.

A full write-up?

It’s coming. Somewhen soon…

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