Clarifi case for iPhone 3G

Quick review of the Clarifi case… with a couple of photos on Flickr… you can get it on Amazon

[viddler id=960a5323&w=437&h=370]

5 thoughts on “Clarifi case for iPhone 3G”

  1. I think the best buy Iphone 3g 16 gb. and install it on his software version 2.2. Its large
    touch screen and very comfortable realized sensory management. I bought a Iphone and happy!)

  2. A nice sleek looking case with nice shiny ‘please scratch me’ back. :o)

    Good idea with he sliding lens though. I have yet to encounter he close up issues with my 2G iPhone (don’t want a 3G because of the reported battery drain issues).

    I purchased a OtterBox Defender case for mine and after a small hack (but neatly done) using a Dremel tool to allow access to the silent/audible switch, my iPhone is protected. Its nice to have a belt clip function as I was forever misplacing my Blackberry 8800 when the clip broke off. I’ve now moved to iPhone because of the apps facility.

  3. And yes, my MacBookPro has started dropping the letter ‘t’ for some reason? Oh well, another strip-down job coming up!

    Oh, Happy New Year to you and everyone reading the blog.

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