WP.com branding with blavatars

I just noticed that WordPress.com now enables you to add a little more customisation and branding using “blavatars” or blog avatars (I guess this is built out of Automattic’s acquisition of the Gravatar service).

If you go to the Dashboard -> Settings -> Blog Image you can upload an image which will act as your blog’s favicon:

A look at the page source also indicated that it would appear as an image on the iPhone / iPod Touch Home Screen:

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A nice way to add a little more personalisation to your site. There’s more information on this on the WP.com blog.

(Images courtesy of LittleSnapper on OS X, and Sketches on the iPhone)

5 thoughts on “WP.com branding with blavatars”

  1. It’s wider than that – the icon isn’t just a favicon, it’s used more widely as branding. You upload an image, they create multiple sizes, and then it can be used in various places (such as the iPhone home screen, as shown).

  2. Ok, fair enough, I guess the use in the URL bar was a bit confusing because most people can already do that on their sites. The iPhone branding is pretty cool though.

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