Did I grow up digital, or did I evolve digital?

The advice in today’s blog entry is that there are three things you should do.

Watch this short video:

If you liked that, listen to this podcast.

And if you liked that, go buy the book.

Seriously. Don Tapscott really gets this stuff, and I love these interviews.

5 thoughts on “Did I grow up digital, or did I evolve digital?”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been trying to explain these generational and cultural shifts to friends and family and this sums it up nicely. I’m going to buy the book now!

  2. You know how I feel about Wikinomics, it tops the list of all time favorite books… I think I definitely need to add Grown Up Digital to the reading list!

    Very interesting question to ponder though. I’m not sure I necessarily “grew up” digital. I was on computers at a young age because they were there and I liked to play with them, but it’s not something that was normal then among my peers, it wasn’t like “air” as Tapscott said in the interview. I think I “evolved” digital in way, but it was an evolution that was happening as I was growing up because of who I was, not because of how the culture was.

    That’s sort of the big difference between me then and the people who are really growing up this way. I learned to be digital when it wasn’t the cultural norm. I think in many ways it’s more fun to be experiencing this cultural shift from a little older perspective… I also feel I can participate and observe the shift in a way that people growing up digital won’t be able to do, because they haven’t known any other way of being.

  3. With the content I’ve linked to here I’ve tried to provide an “on-ramp” to the subject for people – so you can start with the short (~3 min) video, move on to the longer (~50 min) audio interview (some of the same soundbites, but also a lot of new and very interesting analysis) and then finally look at the book itself, which I presume will take longer to read!

    I think those of us in “the gap” above the native digital generation can still have a lot of the same characteristics as the new Grown Up Digital folks – this is what I allude to in my Online DNA presentation – it is as if we share behavioural traits with the new generation. That’s exactly why I titled this post the way I did – I’ve evolved.

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