Five books you (and I) should have read in 2008

It’s a simple list, this one. I’ve read the first two (both of which were excellent), and urgently need to read the other three!

  1. Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky
  2. Dreaming in Code – Scott Rosenberg
  3. Tribes – Seth Godin
  4. Grown Up Digital – Don Tapscott
  5. Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

6 responses to “Five books you (and I) should have read in 2008

  1. You’ve only read #2 because I badgered you into it.

    On the other hand, it’s the only one of the 5 that I’ve read, so maybe I should throw no stones.


  2. That’s true, and I’m very grateful that you pointed it out to me – it’s a brilliant book about software engineering, project management, and people.


  3. Grown up Digital is a good book, I could add many to the lists of should reads…


  4. smartpeopleiknow

    I am reading #1 right now, and I am interested in #5. Aaron Kim says #4 might be worth a pass.

    Frankly, the concern I have with these books is that they encourage GroupThink. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know what’s in them. But you can get alot of what is in #1 by watching CS at TED. 🙂


  5. I agree with “smartpeopleiknow”, I’ve been trying to reach out to an ever expanding set of books… I’ve since started work on a new podcast see my post here –



  6. Yep, looking forward to your new podcast, Michael 🙂


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