Matter Box Mark 2

One of my most popular video reviews was the overview of the original Matter Box that I did back in February. The second box finally (!) arrived at the beginning of December, and I’ve made another short video taking a look at the contents. It is embedded below, or you can watch it on my Viddler or YouTube channels.

[viddler id=b817d4a4&w=437&h=288]

2 thoughts on “Matter Box Mark 2”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for reviewing Matter again. All fair comments I’d say. I think we have to give credit to the brands involved for getting on board in the first place though – pioneers of a new medium – thats very cool in itself.

    The content is something which will change over time – e.g., next time, the brands will have a load of feedback we can give them regarding what kinds of items people want to recieve from them – Tim will be working hard with them to deliver. Keep tuned!

    Thanks again,
    Warren @ Matter

  2. Thanks for the comment, Warren – and welcome to the Matter team. It has been fascinating watching the viral way in which Matter has evolved since the start of 2008.

    I agree that it’s cool to have the brands on board. I like the overall opt-in experience and the thoughtful way the boxes have been put together. I think increased interactivity is something which companies will start to think about over the next few years so hopefully we’ll see the contents begin to reflect that.

    I’ll be continuing to follow the evolution of Matter, for certain.

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