IBM (still) green in 2008

A nice little nugget of news I came across today is that IBM has topped a recent survey on Corporate Governance and Climate Change for Consumer and Technology Companies (PDF link to Ceres site). This is certainly something that we’re working hard on and as I’ve mentioned when talking about the Smarter Planet initiative, it is something that runs through from grassroots activities right up to strategic vision.

One response to “IBM (still) green in 2008

  1. Whilst is a coalition formed around sustainability – it reminded me of another group contributing to the quest for smarter energy use : – fuel cell technology.

    Ceres Power has received assistance from the UK Design Council, and now articulate their technology is a compelling manner – using a simple example of a domestic boiler. Fuel cell technology has moved on considerably, and might indeed be heating out radiators and water – in our homes – in 2009…

    disclaimer: Ceres-Power is a company spun-out from Imperial College


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