Trying out iBlogger

image1835434027.jpgA friend pointed out that iBlogger, the iPhone blogging client based on the ecto codebase, is on sale – only £0.59 in the UK app store right now. I’ve previously used the free WordPress app, but since I contribute to blogs on various platforms this seems like a good alternative… and it has nice support for images (test example embedded) and links. Worth a look. Ironically I’ve recently switched from ecto to MarsEdit for my desktop blogging client, but iBlogger seems very nice indeed.

Update: hmm… so it doesn’t pad the images very nicely and I’ve had to edit in the browser subsequently… but otherwise it works well. Need to try with some blogs. Also it doesn’t appear to have applied any tags, which is annoying.

3 thoughts on “Trying out iBlogger”

  1. interesting I’ve used the wordpress client on the iPhone to do pretty much all my blogging on my various magic blogs, and except the fact it doesn’t support images, or links, it works very well.

    I might try iBlogger as well 🙂

  2. iBlogger uses the same image padding for all blog types, which it turns out isn’t as nice in some blogs as others. We’ll make some improvements to this in a future release.

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