iMovie 09 – beyond the basics

A lot of the iMovie 09 reviews I’ve seen on YouTube have been pretty much “standard” coverage of the basic new features. I’ve been using it for a while now and put together a number of different videos with it… along the way, I’ve found a couple of handy tricks like how to incorporate on-screen logos or information, or how to zoom into a map. Interested? Take a look at my screencast.

(I would have posted this on YouTube as well, but need to re-edit it first as there’s a 10 minute length limit!)

Oh, and another really interesting resource if you want to get more out of iMovie 09 is the Unlocking iMovie 09 blog – some great material over there!

18 responses to “iMovie 09 – beyond the basics

  1. Thanks Andy, really enjoyed that… Still debating whether I should take the plunge or wait for my next Mac purchase but I think this upped the ante.

    I really liked the idea about zooming in on the destination. I guess you could take that a step further by incorporating stills (or short screenflow clips) of a google map zoom.


  2. Merci pour votre soutient !
    c’est un blog magnifique


  3. Andy, wow! Great job.. I love the logo and zoom effects… makes me even more frustrated for going out and buying Final Cut Studio.


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  6. You need to put some more energy and enthusiasm into your voice. Appreciate the info but it was tough to listen to without dozing off.


  7. Thanks for the advice – will try to make up for that in future! 🙂


  8. hey, i like your video! i was wondering if you know any possibility of having a stopwatch type effect or countdown…in IMovie 09??


  9. I haven’t found a way of producing a countdown I’m afraid.


  10. this is a review/tutorial i’ve been looking for.. thanks!


  11. I want a Mac also 😦


  12. Marshall Byford

    Hey thanks alot for the direction And I found you to the point. I was on the edge of my chair watching this cool stuff. I’ve never worked with this type of software I bought skysoft ripper and ripped a dvd that I paid to have converted to from 8mm to dvd jpeg 4 then I could import it but now when I load it in a dvd player It see’s dadta file help please do you have some basic info for a beginner thank you mb tulsa ok


  13. what was that highlight effect used at 5:24? i’ve never seen it in imovie but i’m guessing it was from your screenshot software..


  14. Hi Andy,

    Nice video. Is it possible to apply more than one effect to a clip? i.e. Vignette and Sepia?




    • Not that I know of – I guess you would have to apply an effect, save the clip, and re-import the modified version to apply the second effect. Bit of a kludge though.


  15. hey,

    thanks man. Really learned alot. Cheers!

    -Joe in CT, USA


  16. Thanks – as usual great article on iMovies.


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