Lotus Notes for GTD!

I was listening the the net@night podcast the other day and heard a great episode where David Allen (of Getting Things Done fame) mentioned that he uses Lotus Notes for managing his task lists.

I’m a long-time Notes user – even before I worked for IBM, my previous company used Notes, so I think I’ve been through from around version 4.5 to 8 now (and I really should get around to installing 8.5!). I’m not going to be a fanboy about it, but I have to say that it’s getting better all the time… and the fact that we have folks like Mary Beth Raven actually discussing the application design choices on her blog, and interacting with users as she does so, has clearly improved things.

Nevertheless, I was both surprised and pleased to hear that David uses Notes as part of his GTD process. I’m curious as to how he does so! By the way, he’s on Twitter, too.

8 thoughts on “Lotus Notes for GTD!”

  1. Andy…David uses eProductivity (http://www.eproductivity.com/) as his Notes-based GTD implementation. It’s an incredible application for Lotus Notes and really shows off the power of the platform. I’ve recently started using eProductivity myself (check out my blog for details), and I’ve found it the absolute best GTD solution to date.

    David is a rock star in the productivity world. His endorsement of Notes is really excellent and I hope it helps people take a look at it if they haven’t in a while.


  2. PS!! A great GTD software I use is a plugin for outlook called Outlook Track-It. Google it! It’s a toolbar for outlook, a plugin, that lets you flag emails for followup reminders.

  3. Andy, I would be happy to answer any questions that you have David Allen and how he uses Notes or about eProductivity.


  4. Dach – Thanks! I use Outlook Track-It religiously. I can’t send an email out (if it’s important) without assigning it a followup reminder. This plugin is so good for outlook at GTD.

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