Not a peep

Oh yeah. I know you come to The Lost Outpost for your highbrow technical information and photography stuff. Here’s something totally different!

On Friday’s Dogear Nation, Michael Martine announced that we are going to be sponsoring something called “Peepfest”, an event apparently dedicated to marshmallow things called Peeps.

The rest of the podcast crew was amazed that I had no idea what these Peeps things are. Well, you know what – they aren’t sold in the UK so, no, I ha[ve|d] no idea what they are. Never a peep has passed my lips, you might say, in one sense. It turns out that there’s an entire subculture dedicated to them, though – most impressive is this gallery of dioramas featured on the Washington Post site (my favourite being “May the Peeps Be with You”, closely followed by “The Peepsons”).

Crazy, crazy people. And a fun interlude for a blogger.

Update: somewhat alarmingly, I’m now receiving peeps-related submissions, like this study of the research behaviour of peeps. Enough already! 🙂

Update: OK, I’m getting reports that these things are not as yummy as they are made out to be. So I’m instituting my first ever poll. Let me know where you stand on the peeps controversy with just a couple of clicks!

Final update: initial poll results indicate that either folks are as clueless about Peeps as I am, or that they are not the nicest sweets in the world. Also, somewhat inevitably, I’ve discovered that the Peeps themselves are actually on Twitter…

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  1. and for those of you who are interested in PeepFest 2009 (and are in the Chapel Hill, NC area on April 4th) point your browsers at the following youtube video (1:31 – 2:14 if you want to jump right to PeepFest) for some peep poetry and more

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