Next speaking engagement – SOMESSO London


Thanks to Luis Suarez who made some key introductions, I’ve been asked to speak at the SOMESSO social media conference in London on May 15th. I’m in some lofty company with guys I hugely respect like Stowe Boyd, Ross Mayfield and Lee Bryant also on the bill (incidentally, Lee and I both spoke at the Corporate Blogging Summit in London in 2007 as well). Should be a good event.

1 thought on “Next speaking engagement – SOMESSO London”

  1. Hi Andy! Great stuff! Really really happy to hear you will eventually be making it to the event and enjoy what promises to be quite an interesting one, seeing the line-up for it! Good stuff! Say “Hi!” to all of those folks leading the next wave of interactions: Stowe, Ross, Lee, etc. etc.

    I am sure we will have an opportunity to catch up online with live tweeting / blogging on the outcome of the event! Will be looking forward to that! Have fun and enjoy the week off! 🙂

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