So, your brand is on Twitter!

Hey, well that’s great. Now I can follow you and your company. You could tweet offers, maybe a couple of times a month, and people could interact with you and ask questions about your product and services.

Except… that’s probably not what will happen, is it? I’m guessing you will either tweet very rarely, or tweet a couple of times an hour with marketing messages and links to your website. You probably also won’t respond to anyone who @replies to you. But then… on the other hand… how can you? they are asking a global company about service at a local branch in the UK, it’s probably difficult for you to know what is going on there.

Maybe you’ll follow a bunch of people in an effort to get your follower numbers / apparent “popularity” to go up.

You know what? If you are a brand and you have an account like that, I’m going to filter you out. I don’t have to follow you back, and I don’t have to read your tweets. Quite a challenge, huh – how can you make this stuff work for you? Well – don’t. Make it work for your customers – provide an engaging online presence with which people can really connect. Listen and respond, not just to @replies, but to other comments too (hint: search is your friend).

3 thoughts on “So, your brand is on Twitter!”

  1. This made me smile, thanks Andy 🙂

    Today I got a friend request for a non-person on Facebook. I didn’t accept the request and I also sent them a message saying they’re doing it wrong… maybe, hopefully, they’ll get the hint.

  2. Very nice. Too many companies trying to be “social” – what may have been effective when novel, is now globally relegated to the outcast realms of banner advertising and spam.

    Still, there are a few who offer an interesting insight and give some added value – these are the ones who actually have something interesting to say and share.

    More to the point – what is “interesting” ? Subjective – each to his own, you’ll probably find a lot of like minded people on a brand’s followers / fans list, which on the plus side is potentially a good networking pool.

    – MA

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