Here today, gone (Game) tomorrow

Excuse the poor title.

A few years ago I was invited to contribute to an IBM blog called Game Tomorrow. I posted a couple of entries there but my contributions rapidly dropped off, what with my other commitments.

For one reason or another, the other day I became aware that the blog is gone… no more… it’s virtually impossible to find any reference to it on the interwebs, in fact.

I guess I’m… officially… no longer a contributor over there.

4 responses to “Here today, gone (Game) tomorrow

  1. That’s kind of unfortunate. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the life of digital information, especially personal digital information. I know there’s sites like the internet archive to search old websites, but obviously that wouldn’t include internal corporate blogs.

    I like the idea of developing a personal archiving plan for things you write, or contribute… I don’t think we can rely on digital information to stay in one place, or even to stick around at all anymore.

    Kind of unfortunate they pulled the blog… they could’ve at least told you too 😦


  2. Yes.. that’s not cool. It’s a great shame to lose that little bit of history. Have you asked the owner what the story is there?


  3. … Roo, that’s obviously a good point… if only I knew who the owner was / had been… (-:


  4. The Internet Archive has archived the site at*/ I had a quick look and found names of the other authors.


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