I was playing around with my EF-S 60mm macro lens last week and came up with this shot. I really like it, but other people are telling me it’s a little creepy… the doll itself is perfectly nice, but I think the way this shot is set up and composed may give it that quality. Either way, I think it qualifies as one of my personal favourites.

5 responses to “Face

  1. Extremely creepy – I think the lighting, the redness in the eye and the pale lips all make it otherworldly.



  2. I love it Andy. Creepy but very artistic…


  3. I have the same lens and love it – great fun!


  4. Forget the negative connotations [horror, creepy etc.].

    The shot IS fantastic.. All nice things have come in– the doll’s complexion, lighting angle, the composition..



  5. All of the above… but mostly creepy.


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