6 thoughts on “The Great Address Book Cleanup”

  1. It’s interesting that there isn’t an Address Book Manager SaaS. After battling through having Windows Mobile+Lotus Notes(synced), converting that to Win Mobile+Thunderbird(synced) then to Office 2007+nothing, then to Office 2007+Blackberry synced in my move from IBM to Dell, I lost all sorts of valuable contact information plus got loads of duplicates etc.

    Sure, I have all the original data in different places, I still have my NAB.NSF unencrypted, etc. etc.

    In my 30-day furlo I did start coding with a view to trying to make a service, load your addressbook, sync and then export in any of the supported formats. However, with the distraction of immigration, tax and other issues, never made any thing that actually did anything useful. I’m surprised there isn’t a service for this though, it’s certainly something I’d pay for…

    and yes, before anyone suggests it, I know there are various software programs you can buy, download and install to do conversions, but when your whole digital life is moving platforms, software, hardware, and mobile, installing something isn’t very practical.

    1. I think Plaxo aimed to be that kind of service, but over time it has become yet another social network with status updates etc as well as address book and calendar sync. MobileMe aims to do it as well… but, as I’ve said many many times on podcasts and in presentations – sync is HARD. So far I’ve not come across any service or technology that has really got a good handle on it. I agree that it would be a useful service to have.

  2. Snow Leopard (10.6) now supports syncing your address book with your google/gmail contacts. I set it up a couple days ago and it seems to work fine. So now I sync my iphone to mobileme, and my mac address book to both mobileme and google.


    I’ve been trying to maintain a single address book for 10 years between my online accounts, email clients, and cell phones and it has been a royal pain in the arse. It’s not perfect and I’ve found a handful of minor issues, but I think this solution is the best I’ve ever found… Adding a person to the “My Contacts” group in gmail now syncs with my mac and iphone automatically. The hardest part was merging all my contacts between my iphone and gmail.

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