WebSphere Connectivity products v7 announcements

I briefly tweeted a few Fridays ago about one of the new products IBM announced at the start of this month.

wmb7tweetRegular / long-term readers will know that WebSphere Message Broker is one of my technology specialisms – it’s a product that I’ve been working with for 8 or so years now, through various versions. A few days ago I also mentioned in passing about the new version of WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. Both of these products are part of my day job, working in product strategy and development in IBM Hursley.

So let’s just review the announcements in the WebSphere Connectivity portfolio, and pick out some my favourite new features and enhancements.

Take a look at the announcement letters for individual products for full details of what to expect.

4 thoughts on “WebSphere Connectivity products v7 announcements”

  1. Thanks for posting, this info was very timely for me as we are exploring using WebSphere Message Broker and I’m interested in the version 7 enhancements. The other material you posted was very useful to us too. thx James

  2. The best part about version 7 is that there is no more config manager.This reduces administration to great extent.
    Good thinking by IBM..

  3. Isn’t it a funny coincidence that the day I start working for a new company, is the day that all these products are announced 🙂

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