Daily Archives: November 6, 2009

WebSphere Message Broker. Seven.

Seems there’s a whole “7” theme going on around here lately… Barcamp London 7, WebSphere Connectivity v7…

I’m very excited that WebSphere Message Broker version 7 has shipped today. I have a huge amount of respect for my colleagues in IBM Hursley and the other labs that made this possible.

How did I find out that the eGA (electronic GA i.e. downloadable media) was available? Guess what, it was via Twitter.


I mentioned the highlights of the release in my recent post about the general WebSphere Connectivity v7 family:

further simplification of components and prerequisites, a much enhanced administration interface, a multitude of new nodes, better integration with WMQ v7 (pubsub and HA), slicker integration with the BPM suite through SCA support… this product just keeps getting more streamlined, refined, and functional.

It also includes support for the new Service Federation Management features that were announced as part of WebSphere Service Registry and Repository version 7 which is due later this year. There are more details about the cool new features in v7 in the What’s New in WebSphere Message Broker v7 page in the Infocenter.