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There, and back again

Things have been quiet as I took nearly a month off(line) over the Christmas and New Year periods. It was well worth getting away from it all.

Christmastime in Hong Kong Volcanic lands
Singapore at dusk Saturday Jan 9th 2010

Hong Kong
was amazing and vibrant. Bali was beautiful, relaxing, varied, and hot (and a hair cut cost less then £2, which was crazy!); we dived and watched manta rays dancing just in front of us, and explored our first wreck. Singapore is probably one of my favourite cities in the world, based on just the one visit. And Britain… Britain… is home, but utterly rubbish at dealing with snow, floods, heatwaves, and indeed more-or-less any weather conditions apart from 15C, slightly damp.

If you want to check out the photos in more detail, click through the images above or explore the sets I’ve linked to. It will take a while to fill them all out.

Travel this year looks set to take me to Canada and the US at a minimum… looking forward to it.

No Rock And Roll Fun: Sunday Express makes a Twit of itself

Unbelievably, it appears to have taken two Sunday Express typists, David Jarvis and David Stephenson, to pull together an inept wannabe-expose into the BBC’s use of Twitter:


Do you see? It’s a joke, because ‘Twitter’ sounds a bit like ‘twit’. I wonder why nobody has noticed that before, eh?

STAFF at the BBC are sending thousands of Twitter messages – even though they are not reaching anyone.

What does that actually mean?

A convincing dismantling of a nonsense article in the UK press…