A little refresh

Due to WordPress.com withdrawing the theme I’d been using (Cutline), I’ve had a tiny bit of a polish around here. I received an email last week alerting me that Cutline was being dropped in favour of Coraline. The email was reasonably helpful in outlining the changes I’d need to be aware of to tweak my custom CSS, but it was still something of an effort to make the conversion. Coraline is theoretically much more flexible than Cutline, as it offers more layouts and widget areas. However, a lot of the CSS class names had changed and some of the hierarchies were different, so that took some time to sort out. I’m still not convinced it’s quite what I imagined!

However, since I was at it, I took the opportunity to do a bit of cleaning and readjustment:

  • the static pages (linked from the header) now no longer have a sidebar – that only appears on the blog / post pages.
  • the search box has been restyled to hopefully look a bit nicer and stand out a little more. My first experience fiddling with CSS3 funkiness like shadows and curves. Haven’t tried it in too many browsers yet!
  • the sidebar got rearranged, I dropped a bunch of links and boxes, and moved the archives / calendar displays to the footer “because I can”.
  • added an explicit link to the IBM Social Computing Guidelines in the Disclaimer box.

That was all I wanted to post, really – just a point-in-time reminder to self of a few of the tweaks I’ve just made. If you read my content mainly via the feed then this will be even less relevant 🙂

1 thought on “A little refresh”

  1. Looks good, although I’d be tempted to put more in the footer if you’re going to use it. The size of your sidebar pushes the archives and calendar way way down and they look a bit lonely down there! (The footer works much better on your sidebar-free static pages.)

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