Day: September 2, 2011


Sketched couple

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I’ve been playing around with digital sketching recently, given the number of touch devices I now use. This was something that I jotted on the Nintendo 3DS in Art Academy (available as DSiWare), based on the sculpture at St Pancras above the Eurostar terminal, which a friendly Flickr commenter reminds me is “The Meeting Place” by Paul Day.

Greeting or farewell?

After my rather poor previous scribble I am a lot happier with this one! I’m also excited to see how the Adonit Pro pen (a project I backed on Kickstarter recently) works out with my Android tablet, when it arrives… although I’m hearing that they may have some issues with Zagg screen protectors :-/

I have limited artistic talent for drawing, but I’m hoping to train myself a little more. Hints and tips welcome 🙂

Policy on guest posts

I’ve previously shared a post outlining my thoughts on posting reviews and being “pitched”. In the past three days I’ve had two unsolicited offers of “guest posts” for my blog, asking how to go about contributing. It seems that “social media marketing” is taking another new turn.

Well, I’ll keep this short. As it says on the About page:

The Lost Outpost is Andy’s personal blog.

I also note in the disclaimer in the sidebar that:

The postings on this site are my own

As such, it would not make a whole lot of sense for my own blog, which is intended to be a place for me to post my personal thoughts and opinions, to carry guest postings from others. It’s not a community or group-maintained site – it’s the output of my brain, for better or worse!

So, thanks, but no thanks – I don’t take guest posts for this blog.