Sketched couple

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I’ve been playing around with digital sketching recently, given the number of touch devices I now use. This was something that I jotted on the Nintendo 3DS in Art Academy (available as DSiWare), based on the sculpture at St Pancras above the Eurostar terminal, which a friendly Flickr commenter reminds me is “The Meeting Place” by Paul Day.

Greeting or farewell?

After my rather poor previous scribble I am a lot happier with this one! I’m also excited to see how the Adonit Pro pen (a project I backed on Kickstarter recently) works out with my Android tablet, when it arrives… although I’m hearing that they may have some issues with Zagg screen protectors :-/

I have limited artistic talent for drawing, but I’m hoping to train myself a little more. Hints and tips welcome 🙂

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