Hidden messages and cunning puns

My friend and former colleague, Peter Anghelides, is a rather good writer. In particular, he’s written a number of books and audio plays set in the Dr Who, Sarah Jane Smith, Torchwood and Blake’s 7 universes.

The Christmas 2011 Big Finish special subscriber-only release, The Four Doctors, contained characters named “Lady Cowen” and “Whitmore” – a lovely little reference to Laura and Tony, also huge fans of Dr Who (as well as hosts of the Ubuntu UK Podcast[1], and some of the folks behind OggCamp). Incidentally – I reckon The Four Doctors is probably one of the best and cleverest Big Finish plays, and certainly it’s my favourite. If you’re into Dr Who, then it is worth a listen.

A subsequent Companion Chronicle for Big Finish – Ferril’s Folly – contained a brilliant line which referenced another friend, my mentor Dr Andy Stanford-Clark (yes indeed, he of MQTT, mousetraps and ferries fame).

I’ve just listened to Peter’s new Blake’s 7 audio play, Counterfeit, performed by Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow. I’d been tipped off via some tweets that there should be a nod to me in this one… initially, I’d jokingly whinged that it was only a concealed reference in the dialogue rather than a namesake character, but then I heard the line itself:

… but then he twittered on, about chronon bridgebuilding, and deep hyper messaging connections…

Genius! Thank you, Peter – very nice, and I’m honoured 🙂

[1] this also gives me a handy opportunity to mention that I was a guest presenter on the first episode of season 5 of UUPC, which was live-broadcast on the interwebs on Tuesday, and released as a download yesterday. Check it out!

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    1. Oh I can’t remember by heart – I’ll have to dig out the story and listen again. However – you could do worse than buy a copy from Big Finish and listen yourself 🙂

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