Free Spring Schwag? Well, why not!

One of the aspects of my work on Cloud Foundry at VMware / the Pivotal Initiative is, of course, the superb support for the Spring Framework offered on the platform.

If you, too, “speak Spring” like my good buddy and fellow Developer Advocate Josh Long (aka @starbuxman, aka This Week in Spring), then you’ll likely be interested in a small competition we’re running at the moment.

The Spring Bag o’ Swag!

Note – this is not just a bunch of marketing swag (although, who doesn’t like cool t-shirts for FREE?), but there’s also a chance to win a ticket to our big event, SpringOne2GX, later in the year! You definitely don’t want to miss that, last year’s SpringOne2GX was a real highlight of my first year with Cloud Foundry!

We’ve had some great submissions so far! here are just a few:

… and with bonus points for Rod reference

What are you waiting for?!

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