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One photo, eight views

Although the iPhone camera is not the best by a long shot (although the recent addition of the Clarifi has helped, in the case of close-ups anyway), it is still possible to do some interesting things with it. The App Store helps a lot here. There are one or two really handy applications for playing around with images – I actually have a whole page of them. I’m not going to list them all, but my top picks are probably Photogene, which is a small photo editing program for cropping and adjusting levels etc.; and CameraBag, which can apply a number of different processing effects to images either from the camera roll, or taken straight on the camera.

Consider the shots below – the first one is the original, and the others were all created with CameraBag.

IMG_0418 IMG_0421   IMG_0423IMG_0425IMG_0427IMG_0424IMG_0426IMG_0422  

For uploading I tend to use Tumble to post snapshots to my tumblelog, or FlickUp to get them up to Flickr.

Ten Mac Apps

My friend Ian Smith pinged me today to alert me to the fact that MacHeist are running a limited promotion which provides a bundle of very nice OS X applications for a reduced price ($49 instead of a combined price of nearly $350), and with a donation to charity for each bundle sold.

At the current dollar-to-sterling conversion rate this was an absolute steal. The idea is that CSSEdit will be thrown in once 5000 bundles are sold; and Snapz Pro X and Pixelmator will be added at as-yet-unannounced additional thresholds.

(update 14th Jan: CSSEdit and Snapz Pro X are now unlocked, and Pixelmator is not far off; plus,  Speed Download has now been thrown in as well)

I don’t actually have any of the apps in question and think I’ll be using almost all of them, so I was happy to jump into this promotion. Worth a look.