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DB2 v9 goodness – new Express-C, and XML support

I’ve mentioned DB2 version 9 previously (it was known as “Viper” during the development and beta phases)…

We’ve just made the Express-C version available for download. DB2 Express-C is a free version of our full DB2 offering.

There’s also a new article on developerWorks that discusses how to get the most out of the new pureXML® support, including examples showing how XML is stored and how it can be queried and transformed using SQL, SQL/XML, XQuery, and XQuery with embedded SQL. I attended an internal presentation on this technology at IBM Hursley recently, and it is absolutely brilliant. I can see that it is going to add another new dimension to the ways in which our customers can access their data.

Try DB2 “Viper”

As reported in the weblogs of my fellow IBMers Bobby Woolf and James Snell, you can now try out the next version of DB2, codenamed "Viper".

Here are two useful articles:

I'm looking forward to giving it a spin.

More news in brief

Random interesting things from around the web that I've been looking at this week:

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Following on from my posting about DB2 Express-C, I was very interested to read an article comparing Cloudscape/Derby with MySQL. Cloudscape is a slightly different product to both DB2 Express and MySQL, since it can be embedded inside your application and doesn't need any specific administration tools. The database is hidden from the user. This can be a huge advantage, depending on your application requirements.

For example, in WebSphere Message Broker version 6, the Configuration Manager now uses Cloudscape instead of DB2 to store its information. This means that it is easily portable (it now runs on all of the WMB supported platforms), and you don't need to install and use DB2 if you don't want it.

Take a look at Cloudscape, also known as Apache Derby, if you are interested in a lightweight embeddable database. If you need something a bit bigger and don't mind some administration, DB2 Express-C is worth a look.

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DB2 goes free…

… well… DB2 Express Edition does, anyway.

As reported today on The Register, you can now download DB2 Express-C for free and use it on x86/x86_64/PPC Linux and x86/x86_64 Windows. Combined with the release of WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, this is an exciting step and provides developers with the tools to build enterprise apps for free, scaling up to IBM's full WebSphere and DB2 offerings.

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