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WSTC – all Jazzed up

For the final morning of the conference, I attended a talk on Jazz by Scott Rich. It was another talk with a live demo – very cool to see the technology actually running.

Jazz is an extensible and scalable collaboration platform for the development cycle. It has a client/server architecture and runs on either an open source stack of Tomcat + Derby + Jabber, or an IBM one (potentially others I suppose, but that’s sheer speculation).

Several announcements were made around the middle of last year, and the Jazz site is out there in the open. There was some information about it at the RSDC talks last year. You’ll find analysts talking about it already.

The demo was extremely neat. Again, this is building REST, RSS/Atom, a rich web UI (as well as the Eclipse one) into the platform. I can’t say too much at this stage, but it would be worth getting involved in the Jazz community site if you want to know more.

Do I sound excited about it? It looked great. I can’t wait to see this start to appear in the open.

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Coming up: new stuff for WMB

We just announced some goodness around WebSphere Message Broker. In particular, there’s a set of ease-of-use enhancements to the toolkit and some new functionality for Web Services.

It all looks very exciting indeed. Should arrive just in time for Christmas 🙂

In the meantime, take a look at all this other stuff:

New Broker and MQ Administration tooling!

Very exciting news.

SupportPac IS02 was released today. From the text description, you might be lulled into suspecting that this is just another Eclipse plugin for MQ Explorer. In fact, this is a very cool extension that enables WebSphere Message Broker resources (brokers etc.) to be managed directly alongside your queue managers. It also means that WMB administrators no longer need to install the full Message Brokers Toolkit if all they want to do is perform basic administration tasks such as BAR file deployment, create/start/stop brokers, etc..

Congratulations to the development team. I got to take an early look at this in the lab, so I’m really keen to show it to our customers.

I’d post a screenshot but I don’t have the bandwidth to upload one at the moment. Watch this space.

Software updates for the WebSphere family

Two important updates that are worth mentioning:

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More news in brief

Random interesting things from around the web that I've been looking at this week:

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