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Double vision – videos from SOMESSO

You wait three weeks for a video, and then two turn up at once. No wait… that was buses.

The video of my talk from SOMESSO London 2009 has been made available. Unfortunately I’m not able to embed that here on my site, so follow the link if you want to see it. It’s about 20 minutes long.

You can also watch an interview I gave towards the end of the day.

You’ll sleep better tonight 🙂

The inaugural HomeCamp

As I previously mentioned, on Saturday I went along to HomeCamp 08 in London, organised by Chris Dalby and Dale Lane, and sponsored by Current Cost and Redmonk.

Low power gadgets

I was pretty actively commenting from the event and taking part in the live uStream channel… others have written up some of their experiences and thoughts, so I don’t propose to say much here. My main contribution was to make a (shaky!) video of Andy Stanford-Clark’s talk towards the start of the morning – a half hour overview of his home automation projects. I’ve posted it on Viddler, and if you are interested you are very welcome to comment on it, embed it in your own sites, or add annotations on the video timeline.

The nice part about Viddler over, say, YouTube is that it let me post the whole thing as a single video rather than having to chop it up into 10 minute chunks. I’ll try to post some notes on how I went about producing the video at some stage soon.

Some very general comments on the day:

  • Well-organised, well-run, great venue, nice to have wireless access – thanks to everyone involved in the logistics!
  • A brilliant, exciting array of skills, talents and interests. It was kind of funny to realise just how many of the folks I knew of as we were doing introductions at the start, and great to find that it wasn’t only a bunch of IBM hackers – this movement is really building momentum.
  • A lot of fun… I only wish my hacking skills were greater – but I’m looking forward to contributing and generating ideas in this community.

That’s it from me. Really looking forward to HomeCamp 09!

At Homecamp

I’m at Homecamp at Imperial College in London today – learning about home automation and energy monitoring. There’s an amazing group of people here. Follow the Twitter stream or watch it on uStream.

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Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2008In a little over a week I will be heading to Berlin for the Web 2.0 Expo… along with a bunch of my colleagues from the social software scene inside IBM, many of whom I’ve not had the opportunity to meet in person before. It should be an exciting few days. I’ve registered on the CrowdVine network for the event and started to build up a list of folks that I want to meet up with – if you are going, feel free to do the same (although I may not be updating my profile a great deal now until closer to the time of the event – don’t take offense if I don’t add you back immediately).

Right. I’m off to stock up on my MOO cards 🙂