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Fifteen minutes of fame?

In case you missed it, I chatted with Craig Cmehil on his Friday Morning Report 24 hour marathon this morning. Craig was raising money in aid of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). He did a tremendous job in producing a great show over a continuous 24 hour period, raising over $4000. I’d originally intended to be involved in the broadcast when Chris Dalby asked me to help him with a Home Camp segment a couple of months ago, but in the end the event was postponed, and we posted Home Camp TV separately.

If you want to see my short slot on the marathon, in which we discussed stuff like what I’ve been up to lately, choice tools for PHP hacking, and IBM enterprise social software and technology adoption – go look at the recorded segment on uStream. I’m on from 57mins in until the end (around 1hr 21).

For my next trick, I should be on the Dan Logan Show on Focal Radio next Monday evening…

Shout out social!

My friend, colleague, blogging buddy and Opportunity Australia Ambassador Jasmin (aka the remarkable wonderwebby) is spearheading the social media drive around an event called Shout Out Social:

Shout Out Social is a community organised and created art exhibition to be held 14th -15th March 2009, raising awareness and funds to help women free themselves from poverty.

Jasmin invited me to contribute some images to the Flickr pool. The idea is that you either include a ‘word that matters’ in the image, or in the description, for the cause you are ‘shouting out’ for. I’ve contributed a number of photos – here’s my “shouting out for friendship” image 🙂

Keeping them clean

The event itself is in Melbourne which is a little far for me to travel, but I’m looking forward to seeing media and how my work contributes to the cause.

It’s a fantastic campaign and a great idea for an event. Please take a moment to explore Jasmin’s sites and contribute.