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Impact 2010 (and the cloud – no not that one!)

Despite the efforts of the volcanic cloud of doom, I’m currently teaching some of my peers from across north-east Europe (NE IOT in IBM parlance) at an education event in Germany. My specialist subject(s)? WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, Service Federation Management, Enterprise Service Bus, and MQTT… the torch for last one of these having been passed to me recently by a very “hard act to follow”, aka Mr Martin Gale.

Assuming I can get back to the UK, and then assuming I can get out of it again, the next conference – and the last one currently in my calendar for this year – is going to be IBM Impact 2010 (#ibmimpact), the premier annual WebSphere event. There, I’ll be teaching about WSRR, presenting on WebSphere Message Broker, and attempting to also provide ongoing commentary of what is happening. Wish me luck! 🙂

Impact 2010 | IBM Software Conference | May 2-8 Las Vegas, NVIf you’re also going to the event and want to get a head start – or perhaps more importantly, if you are not going, but you want to follow along – you might want to check out the Social @ Impact 2010 site, where we’re aggregating content.

Eyjafjallajokull image credit: Boaworm via Wikimedia Commons under a CC license.

Web 2.0 Expo Berlin 2008 – kickoff

I made it to the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin, following some interesting travel situations and timezone jumps… I’ll almost certainly blog about last week’s diving trip once I’ve had time to get back from the Expo and sort through the photos!

This is a good opportunity for me to meet up with some fellow IBMers who I’ve not yet met in person, although I’ve come to know them well through our internal and external social networks – social software FTW! – and of course it’s also a great chance to meet new folks and extend my network. It’s my first time in Berlin (positive impression so far) and I think my first time in Germany for about 10 years.

If you met me yesterday I was probably somewhat zonked by the travel – but I spent the afternoon in Leisa Reichelt’s usability workshop (very relevant to me given my new role at work) and the keynote sessions. The keynotes were interesting but it was fairly hard to do anything approaching livestreaming or liveblogging as the wireless network wasn’t playing ball… and my Eye-Fi card didn’t seem to want to connect through the conference wifi (ah! just got that working!) and I can’t VPN out to the corporate intranet either, so there’s something screwy going on. Good coverage on Adam’s blog.

More to come, I should think. Hopefully I’ll call in to give a report on Dogear Nation on Friday too. Photos from the event are going into my set on Flickr.

Oh, and as an aside, the new Brightkite app for the iPhone is lovely – should be really useful for conferences like this.