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I’ve known for a while now that my Hursley-based friends had coined the name “Pipr” for me, presumably describing my manic enthusiasm for social networking. Chris Dalby mentioned it in a blog post yesterday, and it prompted me to check whether the pipr.com domain was available.

Sadly, the .com is already being squatted on, and none of the other “obvious” top level domains were available either. But hey, we live in a world of liberalised TLD allocation anyway. I did notice that pipr.me.uk was available and highly affordable, so I picked that one up instead.

Thanks to the magic of WordPress.com Domain mapping, right now it just redirects to the blog. I’ve also created a free Google Apps account so I can get email too.

So I just need a logo, and to work out what Pipr is really going to mean, and I’m all set. Ideas? logo designs? Comment below, or send them here 🙂

Update: I generated a silly logo for myself… using the magic of the Web 2.0 Logo Creator, tipped off by Benjamin in the comments below. I’m sure there are better ones that people could come up with.

Some other online presences – Seesmic, YouTube, Tumblr

I’ve become aware that I’m increasingly using a bunch of other online services, but that I don’t have very visible links to them on my blog, which is something that needs to be fixed. I need to tackle the About page very soon, along with that blogroll over on the right-hand side, too.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying out Seesmic, which is kind of like video Twittering.

I still don’t find it very intuitive or easy to use. The first problem is that it requires far more time and attention than something like Twitter, and thus I might comment in a conversation thread but rapidly run out of temporal bandwidth for watching all of the responses.

More importantly though, it is written in Flash and there are no URLs to profiles for individuals, so I can’t give you a direct link to my Seesmic page… and if you do have an ID there, you’ll just have to look for one of my posts to pop up in the public timeline in order to find me (or search for me using egowhore). They need to fix this.

Seesmic is pretty interesting though, and I’m giving it a go as much as possible.


In keeping with the video theme, I also now have a YouTube profile. This is just an FYI in case you’re a YouTube fan… I’ve been thinking about the available online video services and may blog further about this soon. Feel free to connect with me over there.


My tumblelog has been quietly collecting my del.icio.us links and stuff for a while but I’ve started to occasionally post photo and video links over there too. I noticed recently that Tumblr’s functionality has significantly improved and there are far more options for customisation, a dashboard, and other nice things to play around with, so I’ve become more interested in using that again.

Tumblr is really a lot nicer than Suprglu, which I wrote about nearly two years ago but which clearly hasn’t had the investment that Tumblr has benefited from. My Suprglu page is still there, but I can’t see me actively doing anything with it.