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A portrait

At the LCA Penguin Dinner last week, Benjamin Humphrey of OMG! Ubuntu and Ohso fame snapped a great shot of me unawares and in thoughtful mood. He’s been good enough to license the image under Creative Commons, and he’s also very kindly agreed that I can modify it for my own use as well. So, with a little judicious use of Gimp I’ve added some overlays and tints and have something which I think works rather well as a background for sites like personal landing pages.



I was playing around with my EF-S 60mm macro lens last week and came up with this shot. I really like it, but other people are telling me it’s a little creepy… the doll itself is perfectly nice, but I think the way this shot is set up and composed may give it that quality. Either way, I think it qualifies as one of my personal favourites.

One photo, eight views

Although the iPhone camera is not the best by a long shot (although the recent addition of the Clarifi has helped, in the case of close-ups anyway), it is still possible to do some interesting things with it. The App Store helps a lot here. There are one or two really handy applications for playing around with images – I actually have a whole page of them. I’m not going to list them all, but my top picks are probably Photogene, which is a small photo editing program for cropping and adjusting levels etc.; and CameraBag, which can apply a number of different processing effects to images either from the camera roll, or taken straight on the camera.

Consider the shots below – the first one is the original, and the others were all created with CameraBag.

IMG_0418 IMG_0421   IMG_0423IMG_0425IMG_0427IMG_0424IMG_0426IMG_0422  

For uploading I tend to use Tumble to post snapshots to my tumblelog, or FlickUp to get them up to Flickr.

WP.com branding with blavatars

I just noticed that WordPress.com now enables you to add a little more customisation and branding using “blavatars” or blog avatars (I guess this is built out of Automattic’s acquisition of the Gravatar service).

If you go to the Dashboard -> Settings -> Blog Image you can upload an image which will act as your blog’s favicon:

A look at the page source also indicated that it would appear as an image on the iPhone / iPod Touch Home Screen:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

A nice way to add a little more personalisation to your site. There’s more information on this on the WP.com blog.

(Images courtesy of LittleSnapper on OS X, and Sketches on the iPhone)



Originally uploaded by andyp uk

This photo was taken around about this time two years ago, one from my archive… and it was certainly cold enough over the weekend that I could have gone out and taken something similar, if I’d been up early enough on Saturday morning.

I’m not so happy about the depth of field at the front of the shot, but it’s quite nice otherwise. This was in the days when I was still mostly shooting in JPEG and didn’t really understand so much about DoF or have appropriate lenses… At present this image is in my Hidden Gems set, which is automatically generated from my least interesting photos.

In lieu of other posts, I’m taking the Anton approach – I’m really, really busy at the moment and it seems that I’m likely to be sent to Thailand next week for up to a fortnight. I have ideas for lots of things to write about, along with some planned new regular features, but for now, please excuse me if it’s all a bit quiet.