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Make Connections

Make Connections

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A couple of weeks ago I was asked to run some elective “breakout” sessions at an IBM Global Services event in London. The venue was a great place near Barbican in London, The Brewery, a converted brewery (!) now hosting a variety of types of events.

Given the topic of my talk – social technology, how I use networks and sharing tools, and how organisations can use these technologies to work smarter – I just had to snap this sculpture off one of the stairways in the building! I’m sure it will find its way into a slide deck or two in the future.

Photo post: IBM IMPACT 2011

I didn’t have a “proper” camera with me at IMPACT this year, but I did snap a bunch of images using my iPhone – they were either tweeted via yfrog, or through Instagram. Don’t expect the most awesome photography, but I thought I’d collect some of the pictures together. Here is a selection featuring some of my favourites (click for larger views)

You can also check out my full yfrog stream here and see my Instragram photos via Instagrid.

From the images above, you may notice that I spent some time with the media team as well as in a few sessions (when I wasn’t presenting, or in meetings), and at the Unconference, which was fun. I’ll post more about IMPACT shortly.