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Minibar London, May 25th

Just had a reminder e-mail from Christian that the next Minibar is coming up, this time with a focus on geolocation and mapping services.

[ upcoming.org entry ]

This fits in with my interest in services like Plazes and Dopplr, geotagging, and cool gadgets. I’ll definitely be making an effort to make it.

Dale should probably come along, too 🙂

Travel plans

I’ve been quiet and I’ve been on the road (although like many people, I’m twittering wildly).

  • Last week I was in Sheffield.
  • This week I am staying in Edinburgh, working with a customer in Scotland. My first time stopping in the city, and it is lovely – I only wish I had a camera with me.
  • On Friday night I’ll be at Minibar in London. Hope to meet some of my blog and Twitter contacts there.
  • From Saturday I will be in dazzling Las Vegas, attending and speaking at the WebSphere Services Technical Conference[1], an internal IBM event. I’ll be speaking on File Handling Choices in WebSphere Message Broker v6 on Wednesday afternoon, and generally enjoying the huge opportunities to learn from my peers for the rest of the week. I had a great time at the event last year, and this will be a good chance to get together with colleagues again, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll try to blog the event, and suggest a tag of wstc2007 for other attendees who might want to follow suit.
  • On my return, I’ll be back here in Edinburgh for most of May.

Thanks to Roo, I’m now also starting to play with Dopplr. It’s a remarkably simple idea – mark the dates when you’ll be in a particular place and work out when contacts might be in that same location. In true Web 2.0 style it has the usual feeds, tagging, Google Maps mashup, etc.. Looks very useful. The information is limited to you and the group of trusted other travellers, and it is invite-only (and I’m currently out of invites), but I think this “trusted circle” idea is probably a sound one. Looking forward to seeing how the service develops.

[1] aka “webspherepalooza”… that is, if you are Kelly

Your rights online

Flicking through my feeds this morning, I noticed that Suw Charman is pimping next week’s Open Rights Group party in London (here’s the event entry for the upcoming-inclined). The group had a brief slot at the last Minibar. I would have been interested to go along to this meetup, but sadly my work schedule will have me 250 miles away at the time.

Anyway, if you are around London and fancy learning more about ORG, it sounds like a worthwhile gig. Hope it goes off well.

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Cats and tin foil

Two observations about my recent blogging habits. Firstly, I’m apparently blogging less than I did this time last year. Secondly, perhaps my twittering has reduced my interest in blogging.

I’m aware of the former, but I dispute the latter. I’ve been busy, attempting to think about what I blog about and when I do so, and yes, I apologise if I’ve been quieter than “normal”. I do want to get more technical again, and I’ll make an effort to do so.

In the meantime, here is a break from the norm. Stop reading now if you came for highbrow discussion of technology trends.

A fascinating and utterly frivolous fact that I learned from a Toffee Crisp wrapper the other day:

Cats will not walk on tin foil

Since making this discovery, my mind has been working overtime:

  1. Do cats know something that we don’t?
  2. Who discovered this? How did they do so?
  3. Does it matter which way up the tin foil is?
  4. How can I test the theory? Given a cat’s ability to leap a reasonably large obstacle, how large a piece of foil would I need to lay down and in what configuration would it have to be in order to place the cat in a position where it had no other choice?
  5. What else won’t cats walk on? We already know that a hot tin roof is no problem…

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After watching Ian’s twitterings and Roo’s blog postings, I’ve set myself up a tumblelog on Tumblr.

Over a year ago I tried a new service called Suprglu, which had a similar promise of aggregating feeds from different sources (Flickr, blogs etc.) into a single site. It doesn’t really call for any maintenance at all – it just sits there and pulls together my photos and posts. Unfortunately though, it has a bit of a lag on updates (usually taking a good day or so before new entries appear).

Tumblr is different, both because I can customise the way that the feeds are displayed, and because I can post snippets directly to the tumblelog itself, making it more of a flexible scrapbook. One thing I don’t know is whether I can use my normal blogging clients (ecto and Windows Live Writer) to add content. I’ve no idea how much I will use it… I already Twitter my discoveries, add them to del.icio.us, or write longer pieces on the blog. We’ll see.

Note to my detractors: I’ll get some WebSphere-related posts lined up for you shortly, to avoid further accusations of lack of interest in blogging the day job.