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IBM Java 6 sneaking out

There’s a new Early Release Program on the IBM website, for the IBM SDK for Java Version 6. If you need your Java technology bleeding-edge and fresh, check it out.

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Changing daylight saving time

Bobby Woolf notes that the US is changing the cycle of Daylight Saving Time in 2007.

This change affects my favourite product. The details are in this Technote. Basically, the Java VM needs to be upgraded, and certain MRM message sets will also be affected – a new fixpack will become available in advance of March 2007 when the DST change comes into effect.

Worth noting that WebSphere MQ may be partially affected, too… in this case it is just the JVM which may be an issue, not MQ or the MQ Java or JMS classes themselves.

Of course, whether this DST change will have a significant impact on US energy usage is a debatable point…

Apps vs. IBM Java 1.5

I have IBM’s Java Runtime Environment version 5.0 installed on my laptop.

Unfortunately, it seems that some applications don’t like this very much. The issue appears to be that they look into the Windows registry to work out where the JVM is installed. The apps concerned are looking for the HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft key. If they can’t find it, they tend to become distressed and assume that no JVM is available.

Solution #1

Previously, I’d only needed to edit a batch file to fix this. Remove the calls like this:

REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment" /v CurrentVersion

Replace with code to set JAVA_HOME to the location of your IBM JVM.

Solution #2

Today, I had a situation where an installer built using IzPack complained that it could not find Java 1.5. Not only that, but when it couldn’t find Java it tried to start Internet Explorer (not the default web browser on my system) and go off to java.com to get it for me. Not the most well-behaved application I’d ever come across.

Well, the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set. At this point, there’s nothing for it but to provide what the application is looking for. So, I created a registry entry that would point at my IBM JRE installation.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\JavaSoft\\Java Runtime Environment]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\JavaSoft\\Java Runtime Environment\\1.5.0]

Job done (naturally, you’ll want to edit the value of the JavaHome entry to match your IBM Java installation…)

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for this trashing your Windows installation. It worked for me.

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Latest free WebSphere App Server is out

WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, the free, IBM-supported Java Enterprise Edition environment based on Apache Geronimo, reached version 1.1 this week.

Among the changes are new platforms, new installers, and Java 1.5 support… and of course it is based on Geronimo 1.1, so there is a whole lot of other new goodness such as the plugin architecture (see this developerWorks article for more).

I’m looking forward to giving it a test drive, particularly since it should enable me to administer JMS resources through the web console now – hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to play with it properly early next month, after one of my current projects is completed.

Full documentation is available online.

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