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SOA in Vegas, Lotus in London

SOA / WebSphere at IMPACT

IBM’s customer SOA conference, IMPACT, is taking place in Las Vegas at the beginning of April. IMPACT is the evolution of the annual WebSphere events… actually my first trip to Vegas was back in 2001 when I was an IBM customer, attending the WebSphere conference.

There’s a blog listing some of the details, and you can find out more about the event and register on the IBM site. The event is also on Facebook.

Sadly I’m not expecting to be there myself, but it looks like the B-52s are performing and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is speaking, so I’d love to get along.

LotusSphere comes to you

Like me, you may have missed out on LotusSphere in Florida last month (are we spotting a pattern?). The “roadshow” version of the event is being held in London and Manchester at around the same time as IMPACT at the start of April. Check out the information on the IBM site. Worth going along if you want to learn more about IBM’s social software tools like Lotus Connections.

Lotus plays a Symphony

Following on from the announcement last week that IBM has joined OpenOffice.org… yesterday, Lotus announced Symphony. This is a suite of free productivity editors (Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets) equivalent to those bundled in Lotus Notes 8.

Symphony is based on Open Document Format and OpenOffice.org, as well as using the Eclipse-based Lotus Expeditor framework. There’s MS Office suport and PDF export in there… and, according to Ed Brill’s write-up, you can also import Lotus SmartSuite files into the new editors.

Nice to see that it is available now for Windows and Linux, with Mac support planned. I need to give it a try.

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Windows Live Writer, meet Lotus Connections

The latest Beta of Windows Live Writer is out.

I’ve been trying it out with Lotus Connections – namely, with our internal IBM blogging system which is also known as BlogCentral. I was able to successfully add my blog as a new account… WLW auto-detected all of the connection details, and downloaded the editing style (but not the list of categories).

Why is this important? Well, it means that, as previously hinted, Windows Live Writer now works with with Atom Publishing Protocol. This is goodness.

Update: hmm, maybe not. Looking at some debug traces, it looks like WLW is still hitting the metaWeblogAPI endpoint. So maybe I’m mistaken…

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Background information on Lotus Connections

In case you interested in the technical foundations of the new Lotus Connections product, James Snell has posted some great facts and figures about the scale of IBM’s internal deployment of blogs, bookmarks, etc.

Here are some numbers: Our BlogCentral environment supports 25k+ registered users with over 3k+ “active” blogs. There are over 100k posts and comments with over 10k+ unique tags. Our dogear server has over 200k+ distinct bookmarks to resources both inside and outside the firewall and is generally more reliable at providing quick access to important resources than our Intranet search servers. Our activities server has over 11k activities with 69k+ entries and has 35k+ registered users.

The point is, this stuff has been road tested.

The more important angle of James’ post is that the adoption of these technologies has been word-of-mouth and organic – not mandated. I’m pretty proud to have been one of the early adopters and advocates. I started using the internal blogs, wikis and podcasts, and discovered I had a much stronger network of contacts. As a result, I told my team. Not everyone has been a convert, and I wouldn’t have expected them to be. However, I think people do recognise how useful these tools can be, given the right amount of time and attention.

[ sorry for the Snell mini-linkathon, but as one of the key players, he’s got some useful information over there 🙂 ]

Lotusphere is live

Hanging out in the live blogging channels at Lotusphere Live. It’s kind of like being there, but only textually.

More cool stuff than I can take in… Lotus Connections (Ventura), Lotus Quickr, Google Gadgets running in WebSphere Portal, composite applications…

I’m going to watch the replay of the opening session in Second Life tomorrow… 🙂

Some of my favourite comments from the live blog, reporting the announcements live from the conference floor:

Julian Robichaux

Notes 8 supports SmartSuite docs as well as Office and OpenOffice

Ed Brill

integrated RSS feeds in Notes 8 sidebar

Julian Robichaux

(Lotus Connections) has integration with profiles, internal blogs, sametime, dogear, tags, communities, activities

Ed Brill

(…) showing blogs in Connections — blogs becoming a commodity capability in all IBM Lotus products

Chris Byrne

(on Connections) This demo reminds me more of LinkedIn thatn MySpace or FaceBook, which is very good
(…) MySpace and FaceBook, being discussed now, are not good for corporate use, but many corporations scan them for content posted by potential employees, and have retracted job offers based on what they have see.

See Ed’s Flickr set for some screenshots 🙂

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