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Matter Box Mark 2

One of my most popular video reviews was the overview of the original Matter Box that I did back in February. The second box finally (!) arrived at the beginning of December, and I’ve made another short video taking a look at the contents. It is embedded below, or you can watch it on my Viddler or YouTube channels.

Matter Box

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Twitter from one of my contacts (I honestly forget who it was) that led me to discover the Matter Box. The idea is apparently that if you sign up on the website, every now and then you will get a box of marketing-type goodies. Not just any old leaflets, either – this is nice stuff.

The first box was delivered to subscribers this morning. There are already unboxing photos on Flickr, including a set from my friend Dale, who has also written about it. No photos from me, though – I did a quick video showing what is inside, instead. No prize for counting the number of times I say “cool”, either.

(the video is also on YouTube)

Quite fun. Neatly and tightly packed. My favourite item is probably the Wii armband, although considering I don’t yet own a Wii, it’s a little bit pointless so far 🙂

Update: there’s a description of the contents and some background on the Matter blog.