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WSTC, day two: doing the Dojo

Using the boring title before Dave Currie can use it…

When I come out to a WebSphere conference I’m always looking to do something a little different. As Dave mentioned in his post yesterday, there’s a lot of talk and coverage about Web 2.0, AJAX, JSON and so forth. So, for the most part, today I’ve been looking at technologies such as Dojo. Very neat stuff. I had somehow missed the announcement of IBM’s commitment to Dojo last summer, but it is nice to know that we are involved.

The concept is that Javascript is pretty hard to code, even with tools like Firebug (which I showed to a colleague today, who promptly wrote it down and decided that he needed it). Dojo and the other frameworks like Zimbra and Rico are aiming to ease the pain by providing a DHTML toolkit written in Javascript. It’s pretty cool – I liked the publish/subscribe paradigm that enabled widgets to talk to one another.

As well as all of the AJAX web development stuff, I’ve also spent time on Message Broker and how things are developing there. My own presentation on file handling in Broker is tomorrow. For the last session today, I also popped into a discussion about what was new in Rational Application Developer version 7 – I hadn’t been aware of some of the performance, web application development and other enhancements, so that was a useful session.

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Travel plans

I’ve been quiet and I’ve been on the road (although like many people, I’m twittering wildly).

  • Last week I was in Sheffield.
  • This week I am staying in Edinburgh, working with a customer in Scotland. My first time stopping in the city, and it is lovely – I only wish I had a camera with me.
  • On Friday night I’ll be at Minibar in London. Hope to meet some of my blog and Twitter contacts there.
  • From Saturday I will be in dazzling Las Vegas, attending and speaking at the WebSphere Services Technical Conference[1], an internal IBM event. I’ll be speaking on File Handling Choices in WebSphere Message Broker v6 on Wednesday afternoon, and generally enjoying the huge opportunities to learn from my peers for the rest of the week. I had a great time at the event last year, and this will be a good chance to get together with colleagues again, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll try to blog the event, and suggest a tag of wstc2007 for other attendees who might want to follow suit.
  • On my return, I’ll be back here in Edinburgh for most of May.

Thanks to Roo, I’m now also starting to play with Dopplr. It’s a remarkably simple idea – mark the dates when you’ll be in a particular place and work out when contacts might be in that same location. In true Web 2.0 style it has the usual feeds, tagging, Google Maps mashup, etc.. Looks very useful. The information is limited to you and the group of trusted other travellers, and it is invite-only (and I’m currently out of invites), but I think this “trusted circle” idea is probably a sound one. Looking forward to seeing how the service develops.

[1] aka “webspherepalooza”… that is, if you are Kelly

New Redbooks: SOA, WMB, WESB, DataPower, WSRR

Chris has already reported this over at SOA Tips’n’Tricks: a new Redbook in the Patterns for e-business series is SOA Design using WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere ESB (I notice that WebSphere DataPower also gets a chapter or two). I’m fortunate enough to work in the same team as one of the authors, Kim Clark – one of the worldwide experts on SOA design and implementation. The book is currently in draft, but I’ll be checking it out anyway.

If you are familiar with WebSphere Application Server then you will no doubt know that the Handbooks are some of the key books to read. There’s now also a WebSphere Service Registry and Repository Handbook, and I’m sure this is going to be just as valuable as the other handbooks we publish.

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End of a (shortish) era

Just finished working on what was, for me, a relatively long client engagement – 9 months in London. It was a very interesting piece of work building an ESB using WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Process Server, and adapters, all running on Sun Solaris. I had the opportunity to work with a cool team, including individuals from other vendors, and I learned a lot – and equally, I hope that others were able to learn from me, since that is what I was there for! Good luck to the team.

Pastures new from tomorrow – it looks to be a busy month, with Blue Fusion coming up too. I’ll be taking some time out in March as well.

I’ll also miss my daily Starbucks – the staff were very friendly – hope to drop back in and say hello to them in the future.

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Hursley blogs on WMQ

Very glad to see that Dale has got the new blog up-and-running. A Hursley View on WMQ aims to provide an additional communications channel from the development team in the labs (IBM Hursley near Winchester in the UK, in the case of WebSphere MQ). Look out for tips, news on tools, and posts about “how it works”.

It is important to note that the blog doesn’t replace the existing newsgroups or unofficial third-party discussion sites, and it also doesn’t replace the formal product support process. However, I think it is going to be interesting to watch – there are already some interesting posts up which cover details that I was not aware of.

I’ve added it to my blogroll and feedreader already. If you’re a techie like me and work with WebSphere MQ, you should do the same.