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More on WMB Toolkit 6.0.2

I’ve just added the first of a short series of posts on the new WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit to the SOA Tips’n’Tricks blog.

WMB Toolkit 6.0.2

Several people have already mentioned the pre-Christmas release of WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere ESB and WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0.2.

There was another 6.0.2 release at the same time, too – the latest version of the WebSphere Message Broker toolkit (NB the runtime is currently at, which was released a while back). I installed it via the Rational Product Updater.

I hope to add some thoughts on why you should care about the 6.0.2 toolkit release to the SOA Tips’n’Tricks blog over the coming weeks, so make sure that you’re subscribed to the feed – and check out my recent post about Java 5 in WMB v6 🙂

SAM – messaging from PHP

I just saw that  the Simple Asynchronous Messaging (SAM) project was announced on the ibm.software.websphere.mq newsgroup (which doesn’t appear in Google Groups, for some reason). It looks like it was originally announced on the PHP groups a few weeks ago.

I’ve not had much of a chance to look at this yet, but the idea of the project is to enable PHP developers to connect to WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Message Broker and the WebSphere Application Server v6 messaging provider. Looks great – I shall have to research it further.

Using XSLT in WebSphere Message Broker

There’s a nice new article by Xiaoming Zhang on developerworks, describing how the XMLTransformation node works in WebSphere Message Broker. The XMLT node enables you to use XML stylesheets to transform your data. The article makes a nice companion my piece on the different transformation technologies available.

Coming up: new stuff for WMB

We just announced some goodness around WebSphere Message Broker. In particular, there’s a set of ease-of-use enhancements to the toolkit and some new functionality for Web Services.

It all looks very exciting indeed. Should arrive just in time for Christmas 🙂

In the meantime, take a look at all this other stuff: