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Windy City

OK, well town. And this in the UK, not Chicago.

So it seems that we live in a hotspot (windspot?) for tornadoes.

We were getting ready to get out to work yesterday morning when we heard the wind absolutely whipping at the building. Ola actually commented on the noise. As we drove out of the car park we saw that a branch had been brought down onto the nearby bus stop in the street.

Coming home in the evening it turned out that the UK had been struck by a series of tornadoes, and one of them was in Farnborough. The major damage was about a mile away from our place. This follows earlier extreme weather conditions, making this the second time in a year.

I wonder what makes the place such a magnet for high winds…

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The Times goes RSS

The fact that The Times has revamped its website failed to pass me by. It was mentioned in the paper on Saturday (I buy the dead tree version on a Saturday, it lasts the whole weekend and the TV guide lasts the week), and diamond geezer talked about it on his blog.

Now, when it comes to following events, I’m usually a BBC News kinda guy. I subscribe to several BBC news feeds.

I noticed that the new Times site also has a set of feeds – I’ve no idea whether the old one did, too. Rather unintuitively, they are located in the “Audio/Video” section of the site, despite not actually referring to audio or video stories.

They are RSS feeds rather than Atom, which is sure to disappoint some.

Another trivial annoyance is that the title and description of all of the feeds is “TimesOnline:rss” regardless of category. And the files are presented as XML, which doesn’t validate due to undeclared entities. And the feeds themselves don’t validate either.

So, all in all, good effort, but no cigar.

I’ve emailed them to point out all of these issues. No response so far.

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Lotusphere is live

Hanging out in the live blogging channels at Lotusphere Live. It’s kind of like being there, but only textually.

More cool stuff than I can take in… Lotus Connections (Ventura), Lotus Quickr, Google Gadgets running in WebSphere Portal, composite applications…

I’m going to watch the replay of the opening session in Second Life tomorrow… 🙂

Some of my favourite comments from the live blog, reporting the announcements live from the conference floor:

Julian Robichaux

Notes 8 supports SmartSuite docs as well as Office and OpenOffice

Ed Brill

integrated RSS feeds in Notes 8 sidebar

Julian Robichaux

(Lotus Connections) has integration with profiles, internal blogs, sametime, dogear, tags, communities, activities

Ed Brill

(…) showing blogs in Connections — blogs becoming a commodity capability in all IBM Lotus products

Chris Byrne

(on Connections) This demo reminds me more of LinkedIn thatn MySpace or FaceBook, which is very good
(…) MySpace and FaceBook, being discussed now, are not good for corporate use, but many corporations scan them for content posted by potential employees, and have retracted job offers based on what they have see.

See Ed’s Flickr set for some screenshots 🙂

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Statues of London

There was a remarkable piece on the BBC London news on TV last night (I see that it is also on the website).

They had a chap on who was basically arguing that because he didn’t like certain historical figures, their statues should be ripped down and replaced by others voted for by “the people” or some pieces of sculpture or something. He stood in front of a statue of William Gladstone and said something about what a lot of harm he and his contemporaries had done.

Fortunately there was also a very sensible woman who argued that the statues represent our history; without knowledge of our past, how can we make judgements about the future? (fantastic – great argument for the study of history, too).

Frankly, the guy who didn’t want the statues came over as a bit of a crackpot, with a very thin argument indeed. I think it is madness to say that just because you don’t, with hindsight, agree with the policies of certain individuals in British history, you should tear down their images. Of course there is a case to be made here… and we tread into discussions about various dictators of the relatively recent past… but I think to suggest that the statues in London should be replaced is remarkable. Who makes the judgement about which individuals we no longer celebrate or want to remember? Thin end, long wedge.

I’m somewhat gratified to see that people who are responding to the BBC article are in line with my way of thinking…

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An IBM contribution to the history books

Both The Register and the BBC are reporting on the 25th anniversary of the IBM PC. Woohoo.