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Sketched couple

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I’ve been playing around with digital sketching recently, given the number of touch devices I now use. This was something that I jotted on the Nintendo 3DS in Art Academy (available as DSiWare), based on the sculpture at St Pancras above the Eurostar terminal, which a friendly Flickr commenter reminds me is “The Meeting Place” by Paul Day.

Greeting or farewell?

After my rather poor previous scribble I am a lot happier with this one! I’m also excited to see how the Adonit Pro pen (a project I backed on Kickstarter recently) works out with my Android tablet, when it arrives… although I’m hearing that they may have some issues with Zagg screen protectors :-/

I have limited artistic talent for drawing, but I’m hoping to train myself a little more. Hints and tips welcome 🙂

Make Connections

Make Connections

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A couple of weeks ago I was asked to run some elective “breakout” sessions at an IBM Global Services event in London. The venue was a great place near Barbican in London, The Brewery, a converted brewery (!) now hosting a variety of types of events.

Given the topic of my talk – social technology, how I use networks and sharing tools, and how organisations can use these technologies to work smarter – I just had to snap this sculpture off one of the stairways in the building! I’m sure it will find its way into a slide deck or two in the future.

Flickr tagging – it’s not bad, it’s cool

I’m gradually working my way through the ~5000 photos from HackDay in London on Flickr, to see if there’s anything interesting that I’d missed. So far I’ve found a number of pictures of our team’s hack on stage, the planning process, the blueprint, the team hacking… all stuff that I failed to get a decent photo of.

The slightly irritating part is that people don’t always have their photos opened up for general tagging and notes. Where I can, I add tags to list the people I know in the photo, and even add a note to mark them out. Unfortunately, this setting is not the default on Flickr – the standard is to allow only your contacts to add tags. I also just found that many of my own photos were not marked as open for tags and notes.

Stephanie Booth recently wrote about this on her blog, and included a tutorial on how to change the setting.

I decided to try, and it works. And you do retain control in case somebody does something stupid (happened to me… maybe once?)

So, I’ve opened up my HackDay photos for general tagging and I’m going to go back and change the setting on other sets too.

Update 23rd March 2011: here I am four years later and I still get frustrated when people don’t let me add tags, notes, and in particular, people to images! Since I wrote this post, Flickr has introduced a lovely feature (like Facebook, Picasa and other services) that lets me tag myself or others in photos, and then builds a dynamic collection of all the photos I appear in. It’s not a default setting, and I think you also have to go back and re-enable it on photos that you uploaded before changing your settings, so it’s a bit of a pain to set up, but it’s so useful. Please let the crowds build a better folksonomy for web content.

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