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I was playing around with my EF-S 60mm macro lens last week and came up with this shot. I really like it, but other people are telling me it’s a little creepy… the doll itself is perfectly nice, but I think the way this shot is set up and composed may give it that quality. Either way, I think it qualifies as one of my personal favourites.

In the office

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Taken by Aaron Kim in Hursley today, shared on Twitpic. Click through for the non-thumbnail version, since I apparently can’t display the full image from Twitpic here on my site.

Features of note – Martin Packer wearing his zSeries Wordle t-shirt… Age of Conversation 2 on the desk… me wearing my Dogear Nation t-shirt 🙂


photoPicked this pin badge up from the folks at Zemanta at a recent MOO drinks event in London.

Photographed with my iPhone and edited with Photogene and Brushes 🙂