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Another Polish social network – Blip.pl for microblogging

I’ve written before about how I find it fascinating that country-specific social networks and tools exist. I suppose I shouldn’t be so amazed, given that company-specific and other group/interest-specific networks are springing up all around.

My fellow Pole-espoused friend Chris Dalby pointed out blip.pl, which appears to be a Polish-language Twitter clone / microblogging service. I’m already aware of the massive popularity of Nasza Klasa, which is kind of a cross between Friends Reunited and Facebook. There’s also a Polish IM service called Gadu-Gadu. While I don’t think that everyone should be made to speak English, I do find it intriguing that there are so many of these language-specific networks, and that they appear to be profitable or at least able to continue in the face of consolidation – when you look at the fact that a giant like Facebook has a Polish-language setting, for example, it’s interesting to ponder why Nasza Klasa continues to be successful.

(side-note: I heard the interview with Jeff Yasuda, CEO of blip.fm, on net@night episode 91 – he pointed out that there is no relation between blip.tv and blip.fm – now there’s a third blip in the mix!)