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Alpha, beta… [aka try stuff for free!]

A couple of small IBM Software announcements, depending on your point of view 🙂

  1. WebSphere Application Server version 8.0 is now available to try out as an alpha version. This was announced over on the WebSphere Community Blog a couple of weeks ago (a blog worth following, if you are into WebSphere). Key parts of JEE 6.0 are showing up, and there are new security and governance features, as well as a simplified install. Check it out.
  2. Rational Software Architect is now available as an open beta. This is billed as offering “a simpler, more streamlined way to design, develop, deploy, and test IT solutions”.

And now back to your regular unscheduled programming.

Making an IMPACT

Apparently there’s some Rational software conference in Orlando at the end of May. Of course, Lotusphere was out there at the beginning of the year too.

Pah! Forget those! 🙂

For me, the place to be is IBM’s IMPACT SOA conference in Las Vegas – in just a couple of weeks’ time. Barring unexpected circumstances, I should be in town for the duration of the conference.

IBM Impact 2009 - The Smart SOA™ Conference

I’ve been heading to Vegas on a regular basis for the past few years, but it has always been for internal events rather than customer ones. In my role, I’ve always been excited by technology and the innovation we get up to internally – but much, much more importantly, I need to be talking to customers and partners to understand how that technology and innovation is being used in the real world. I’m very much looking forward to talking to WebSphere and other IBM customers about their experiences with our products, what they are looking for from Service Oriented Architectures, and taking those messages back into our labs.

I’m also looking forward to finally meeting a bunch of my colleagues such as the legendarySocial Media Sandy” aka Sandy Carter herself, who I’ve known for a number of years now through various networks, but have never had the opportunity to talk to face-to-face. Incidentally, Sandy has some great background info about different events and partners at IMPACT on her developerWorks blog[*]. I’ve just read her most recent book, Marketing 2.0, and I’ll try to post some comments on that soon as well.

One nice feature of the conference site is that there are a range of widgets and social media tools directly available there, as well as links to different social networks where it will be possible to pick up some of the content.

Let me know if you’ll be at IMPACT, as it would be good to connect with my blog readers.

[*] I’m worried. Sandy has got nearly as many blogs and social network profiles as me now. I need to step up! 🙂

WSTC – all Jazzed up

For the final morning of the conference, I attended a talk on Jazz by Scott Rich. It was another talk with a live demo – very cool to see the technology actually running.

Jazz is an extensible and scalable collaboration platform for the development cycle. It has a client/server architecture and runs on either an open source stack of Tomcat + Derby + Jabber, or an IBM one (potentially others I suppose, but that’s sheer speculation).

Several announcements were made around the middle of last year, and the Jazz site is out there in the open. There was some information about it at the RSDC talks last year. You’ll find analysts talking about it already.

The demo was extremely neat. Again, this is building REST, RSS/Atom, a rich web UI (as well as the Eclipse one) into the platform. I can’t say too much at this stage, but it would be worth getting involved in the Jazz community site if you want to know more.

Do I sound excited about it? It looked great. I can’t wait to see this start to appear in the open.

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WSTC – Rational Application Developer 7

I didn’t get the chance to sit through this introductory talk in full, but I did jot a few notes down. I haven’t been able to use RAD v7 yet – these notes are probably not news to most people, but they were of interest to me.

Due to various improvements, RAD 7 has better size and performance characteristics than 6. It is based on Eclipse 3.2.1 running on JDK 5.

The Web Diagram view has been completely redesigned and enhanced.

Ajax is supported inasmuch as the JSF components have Ajax behaviours and do not force page reloads. Graphical portlet development is supported.

The XML Schema editor by default attempts to restrict choices to guide users towards best practices in creating schema definitions – the advanced view exposes all schema functions.

Kelly joins the SOA Tips and Tricks blog

IBM’s Kelly Drahzal has just joined Andrew, Chris, and I as one of the contributors to the SOA Tips’n’Tricks blog.

This is great news, as Kelly will be providing a Rational software perspective alongside our more WebSphere-oriented posts (and may even bring some celebrity guest bloggers with her, who knows?).

Kelly kicks things off with a nice post entitled Rational: Empowering the ‘A’ in SOA.

Go. Go now. And when you’re done, subscribe to her blog, too.

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