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IBM Second Life evangelist on BBC Newsnight

Ian has already blogged this over at eightbar… this week’s series on technology on the BBC Newsnight programme features some coverage of one of our internal discussion groups, plus footage of IBM Hursley and a short interview with Ian himself.

There’s a video (skip to around 7m30s in) – or else look for The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace here. Alternatively, you can watch it on TV tonight (Wed 10th January, BBC2, 2230 I think).

I thought I’d post a couple of screenshots from the meeting, since there wasn’t a huge amount of in-world footage. Click through for larger images.

We started off inside the house, and discussed some topics around identity and virtual worlds. I’m on the right, near the front. This was early on in the session, before everyone arrived.

Later on, we moved outside for a more free-form discussion. That’s me on the right with the red hair…

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Second Life news updates

Two noteworthy Second Life newsitems, today.

Firstly, IBM and Sears are partnering on a new build on the IBM island complex. The idea is to allow customers to explore the Sears product range in a more immersive environment than is currently possible with an online store. Mike Rowe gave an interview about the Sears build to 3pointD, and it is worth reading.

Secondly… a little snippet… the Second Life client has been released as an open source project! This is extremely cool. Hopefully it puts an end to the need to play around with libsecondlife – it will be interesting to see how that project goes forward now. Actually I’d only just posted about libSL to eightbar, when Roo posted the news about the full client – which kind of negates my post…

Lots of coverage, including Reuters actually referring readers to eightbar; and IBM’s Irving Wladawsky-Berger being quoted by Fortune.

Things I’d like to see:

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all develops.

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Trying to make a start with libsecondlife

One of my diversions today has been investigating the use of libsecondlife. I’ve got quite a specific use case in mind at the moment – automation of some administrative tasks for a project I’m involved with – but it was interesting to dig around in the code in general.

First of all I have to say that the project website is kind of short on help for beginners… there is no obvious starting point, and little or no documentation on the API. I downloaded the latest build, which gave me some interesting GUI and command-line demos to play with that enable you to look at group memberships and so forth. In order to really get to grips with it, I had to take the source out of SVN and look through the C# code – reading the comments and code is far better than playing around with binaries that don’t do what you want in the first place.

If you are coming at libSL new, it may be useful to know that if you have SharpDevelop, the whole of the source tree can be opened very easily as a single solution, and I had no problems building some of the examples. I did have some issues trying to run them, though… but maybe I’m just driving them wrong. So far, I’m still at a bit of a loss as to exactly how it all hangs together – but some of the examples look very useful.

Via the forums, I did discover that there’s also a Java implementation. I think I’ll take a look at that too…

IBM’s new SL presence in pictures

The BBC News website has a nice short piece on IBM’s new 12-island complex in Second Life.

If you thought that was interesting, check out the full picturific post on eightbar.

On missing HackDay, and IBM in SL

Since I’ve been away this week, I missed two gala events – HackDay 2, and the news about our new islands in Second Life.

Can’t wait to see what HD2 has brought, so I’ll have to check that out on Monday when I get back to the intranet. I just sneaked a quick look at IBM 1 and IBM 8 in SL, and it all looks great. I’ll have to explore properly next week.

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