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Yarp. Narp?

Last night we saw Hot Fuzz.

I actually wasn’t massively keen on Shaun of the Dead – it was funny, but just a little bit too weird, and I’ve never been a big horror fan so I probably didn’t get all of the movie references sprinkled through the film.

Hot Fuzz was different – I completely “got” the genre and the things they were sending up. Very British, very funny. The whole premise of a hot-shot urban cop being relegated to some sleepy backwater village was a nice set-up for some great observations on both the police service (not force, that implies aggression) and local village life in England. It was obviously well-researched – we loved the parts where the official police vocabulary was invoked, and the regional dialect was brilliantly done too. One or two gory bits, done in an amusing way. The last part of the film was just superb – without giving too much away, the shootouts were hilarious.

Trailers for Magicians and the next Simon Pegg film, Run, Fat Boy, Run. Looks like the next few months should be good for British comedies at the cinema.

And I just have to add – By the Power of Grayskull! (a cultural reference that was lost on my wife and sister-in-law, who laughed their heads off through much of the film, but must have missed so many of the cool bits)

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This Life + 10 = Outstanding

Last night saw a slice of nostalgia, when This Life returned for a one-off special, ten years on.

Ten years ago I was a few months away from leaving university (stop rolling your eyes, at the back!) and I fondly remember cramming into my neighbour’s room to watch each episode. We were all just about to graduate, and seeing these five people sharing a house in London at the start of their careers somehow felt like it might be a view into our own lives in a few years’ time. This series, and Friends, were big at the time… and somehow Friends was never real enough for us to think that way about it.

This Life was groundbreaking stuff – the handheld camera work, the sex and drugs pushing new boundaries (although whether or not that has been a good thing in the long term is another matter), the gritty realism, the rapid editing, the well-observed mundane details (not only who was sleeping with whom, but whether or not the washing up had been done)… a really great series.

From the moment the theme tune came on last night, the memories all flooded back. The characters had grown slightly older, but not very much wiser. The characterisations were still excellent. The setting had changed, of course – no more lawyers sharing a grotty house in London, this time the careers had all changed, and it was scaled up to a weekend at a country house instead. The thing that impressed me the most about the special was that there was real emotional depth and tension that had an impact even after the 10 year gap.

The music was great too – although this time it was all played out of an iPod. A chance to relive some of my favourite indie moments of the 1990s.

I’ll be getting the original 2 series on DVD to remind myself of what it was all about…

Good stuff to watch most nights this week – final two episodes of Torchwood tonight, and the final episode of Green Wing tomorrow. Don’t expect to hear much from me… 😉

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I’m probably the last Joss Whedon fan in the world to see it, but on Saturday I picked up the series box set of Firefly from HMV for less than half price, and last night I watched the opening double header, “Serenity”.

Errr – wow!

I’m a long-term Whedon addict (Buffy/Angel/any film he’s been involved with), so I expected good writing, but some of the interplay between characters was just superb. The effects were brilliantly done, and the music was just right. It’s clear that JW has a backstory in mind for all of the characters, and I just wonder how much of it I’ll get from the small number of episodes that were made.

I haven’t got the movie yet, although it has been on my wishlist for ages and Amazon are offering it at a reasonable price… more than can be said for HMV, otherwise I’d have picked it up at the time.

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Torchwood initial review

I was going to write up my thoughts on last night’s first two episodes of Torchwood, but bsag has done a good job already. If you are interested, go have a read. I added a comment on the post with my own opinions.

(I thought it was very good, by the way)

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The BBC’s new spin-off from Doctor Who, Torchwood (spot the anagram), starts on Sunday. The trailers look flash.

Bad: I’m away this weekend; plus, we don’t get digital, and this is on BBC3. Any news on whether it will hit traditional BBC channels any time soon?

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