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Things to see and do

Watch The History Boys.

See Spamalot.

Go to the exhibitions on my Upcoming.org list.

SOA, the Movie… (trailer)

This looks quite funky…

(good excuse for me to try out the YouTube embedding functionality in WordPress.com, too, since I hadn’t had the chance to do so yet… like so many other features on WP.com, it “just works”)

TV viewers, get a clue

The BBC News website reports reports that there have been 500 complaints about “provocative” comments made in Top Gear over the last series. Quite rightly, many of them have been rejected as being part of the programme’s humour and style – Jeremy Clarkson has made a career out of hyperbole.

Those people who don’t get it… well, it was spelled out in a recent Sunday Times article where the journalist spent the day with the Top Gear team and Clarkson remarked that he was determined to “beat Ross” after the comments about Thatcher… and even the Poles get it – a recent Guardian supplement on Poles in Britain noted that Clarkson is currently Warsaw’s favourite author, and that Polish women don’t consider him offensive, since the jokes are jokes, made in good humour.

Round of applause for the BBC on this one!


I’m really looking forward to the new series of Green Wing on Channel 4 tonight – the first series was hilarious. Very strange at first, and it took until at least the second episode before I “got it”, but it was easily the funniest comedy on TV last year (my DVD set should arrive early next week).

The other thing I’m looking forward to is the second series of new Doctor Who – which, it was announced, will start on Saturday 15th April. Splendid.

Movie time

We had a small and belated family celebration of my advanced age on Sunday. Among the gifts was the DVD of Sin City.

It's a stunningly shot film. Time and time again I found myself wondering just how they'd managed to get the different effects to work. I know a little of Frank Miller's work, and this seemed very true to the style.

Very, very grim to watch, and horribly violent. At first I found that OK, because it was done in a comic book style… but it did become a bit much. I'm not a huge fan of violent imagery, and although the visual style and music were both compelling, I'm not sure how often I could rewatch this.

I also thought the story and format of the film was a bit reminiscent of one of my all-time least favourite films (now there's a controversial statement), Pulp Fiction. Surprise surprise, Tarantino was a "guest director" on Sin City. The way the story split, parts ran out of chronological order, and came back together, reminded me of Tarantino. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Apparently there's an extended version available on DVD, that splits the stories out separately rather than having them intertwined.

Sounds like Sin City 2 and Sin City 3 (and probably more) are on the way. I know one person in our family won't be watching it, as she positively hated this first installment. I'm going to have to think about whether I can cope with the next one…